IDQuickly FAQ

What is IDQuickly?

IDQuickly is the easiest and best way to collect government-mandated contact information for your business or restaurant in case of a COVID or other outbreak, while providing your customers with a clean, easy to use experience.

Why was IDQuickly made?

IDQuickly was made to be a superior solution for all kinds of waiting room or sign-in sheets, and contact tracing forms required by governments in response to COVID-19. IDQuickly prevents customers from having to use dirty pens and paper touched by hundreds of people in a day, and provides privacy of the information on these sheets, which are ordinarily open for anyone to see. By using a customer's personal smartphone, we're also reducing the burden on your staff from collecting contact information, and making the entire process less daunting, more efficient and more secure for ALL businesses and restaurants in Canada.

Why should I use IDQuickly in my business or restaurant?

Businesses using IDQuickly will provide customers with a FREE, safe and easy to use alternative to check-in sheets at a restaurant or business by eliminating the use of pen and paper forms. Our dashboard provides you with all of the information you need for contact tracing, whether it's for COVID-19 tracing or another outbreak.

Is IDQuickly free to use?

IDQuickly is free to use for restaurants and businesses with 1 location. You can upgrade your account to any of our paid, no contract options at any time.

What if my business has more than 1 location?

IDQuickly has options for restaurants and business with more than 1 location. Premium at $29.99/month is for franchisees and any multi location businesses with more than 1 location. It includes all "free" features, up to 8 locations and marketing opt-in lists. Want to ask custom questions based on your needs? Have more than 8 locations or need a custom solution? Contact us.

How do I upload my restaurant menu and get a FREE QR code?

When you sign up for IDQuickly you gain access to our dashboard that can be completed in 3 easy steps. You will be instructed to upload your menu as a JPG or PDF file. Once your menu is uploaded into our system, we will generate a FREE, unique QR code that will display your menu online. IDQuickly provides you with multiple QR sizes to download. When you download your selected size, you will be able to print it and add it in your business or restaurant. Once these are in your business/restaurant, customers will be able to easily scan them and enter their information before dining or shopping.

Can I use my own QR code?

No, but IDQuickly easily generates a new FREE QR code that you can print out and put on tables/doors to collect contact tracing information in your business or restaurant.

Currently I have a sign-up sheet in my lobby. Can I somehow use IDQuickly to replace this?

Yes! IDQuickly has a Kiosk mode that can be used for exactly this purpose! You can run IDQuickly on any PC, iPad or smart device for users to check-in. Our kiosk mode refreshes the check-in page once used, so the next customer can quickly and easily check into your business or restaurant, and no personal information from the previous customer is stored on the device. Kiosk mode - or Assist Mode (see below) - is also a good option for customers who don't have their own smart device capable of scanning a QR code.

What if patrons do not own/have a cellphone to scan the QR code?

No problem! IDQuickly has an Assisted Mode, where any smartphone or tablet device can be used to check in multiple users one after each other. The suggested method is to print out our Assisted Mode QR code for posting in a staff-only area of your business, and then staff members - or the manager on staff - can scan the Assisted Mode QR code to have assisted mode loaded on their device to help customers as needed throughout their shift. Assisted Mode refreshes the check-in page once used, so the next customer can quickly and easily check into your business or restaurant, and no personal information from the previous customer is stored on the device. Another option is to set up Kiosk mode (see above) on a dedicated device (phone, tablet or PC) in your lobby/reception area to check customers in.

How does my business or my restaurant stay compliant during covid?

According to the Ontario Government, the person responsible for an establishment must record the name and contact information of every patron that enters an indoor or outdoor dining area in the establishment, unless the patron temporarily enters the area to place, pick up or pay for a takeout order. Learn more about the current COVID-19 contact tracing rules here:

How dirty are pen and paper forms?

Extremely dirty! Researchers tested a few commonly used items around three general physicians' offices to see which surface was the "germiest".

The results were cringeworthy. The clipboard pen has over 46,000 times more germs than an average toilet seat.*

When using IDQuickly you are eliminating the need for pen and paper forms and providing a safer and cleaner solution for customers and patrons.

*The Healthy

Can I customize the screening questions I ask my customers?

Absolutely! Our premium plan members can ask customized questions that are asked as part of the screening process. To get started, simply sign up as a premium customer on and then send us a list of the screening questions you’d like to ask. Currently we support Yes/No or other toggle-type questions and open-end short answer questions. However, if you need something custom, just let us know and we’d be happy to work with you!

Is IDQuickly secure and is my personal information shared with anyone?

IDQuickly's security is based on industry-standard practices that include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • OAuth2 authorization for secure user authentication (a standard used by the likes of Facebook, Google amongst many others).
  • We secure all communications end-to-end with SSL encryption.
  • All data is sanitized to avoid unauthorized access.
  • The system runs on a secure Amazon Web services system (the same system used by Netflix, Disney and Samsung to name a few).

In terms of your data, (and its parent company Red Piston Inc.) does not sell, share or transfer your personal data, except under the specific exception of a Covid-19 exposure, in which case information is shared with the local Health Unit. This data is limited to a specific date and time-range determined by the Health Unit.

Furthermore, since it is required to give your information due to said requirements, our system is considered more secure and private, as you are sending your data from your personal device directly to the business, and not writing it down on a publicly available sign in sheet.

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